My Thought Bubble

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I came across this here and thought it was quite appropriate for my site. 


This is probably what my cartoon thought bubble would look like if I had a cartoon thought bubble hovering over my head.


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Fireworks of My Youth

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So, the 4th of July has come and gone. We spent the weekend visiting with my family. My brother who is in the militay was home on leave. As mentioned in my previous post, his birthday in on July 4th, and we have always made a big to do for his birthday. Fireworks have been a long running tradition for this day. As we have gotten older our fireworks displays have gotten a bit bigger. But no matter how big and fancy they get, there is one particular year that will always stand out.

Several years ago, I believe it was the first summer after we moved to Tennessee, we purchased our annual display. My family didn’t have much money so our purchase of fireworks was not that big. It was made up of mostly jumping jacks, those flower thingies, and bottle rockets. The bottle rockets were more for the amusement of our dog that we had at the time who loved to chase and bark at them. He pretty much enjoyed all fireworks and usually woke the day after the 4th with many burns on his mouth and nose from trying to play with them. But my story is not about our firework loving dog. So I will move on.

As I said previously, the majority of our stash that year contained jumping jacks. Now, my brother liked to buys these, not for the cool changing colors, but for the amusement of throwing them to watch them bounce and whirl and act a bit crazy. He especially liked to throw them at people to watch them bounce and whirl and act as crazy as the fireworks themselves.

Our first year that we lived here, we lived in a small neighborhood on the outskirts of town. Across the road from us was an older couple. The gentleman that lived there would often spend the evenings sitting on his car port, smoking his cigarettes, watching the kids play and reading his newspaper.

It was slightly before dusk when we ventured outside with our bags full of pyro goodies. We began the evening’s festivities lighting bottle rockets for the dog to chase while we waited for the sun to set completely. As dusk turned to dark, we began to break out the good stuff. We lit a few flowers and jumping jacks, a tank or two, some roman candles, etc.

Eventually, my brother decided it was time to throw the fireworks. He got a pack of jumping jacks out and one by one lit them and flung them haphazardly in the street watch them bounce and dance in the low glowing street lights. If you threw one just right you could get the street light closest to our house to go out which made the evening’s festivities all the better. Well, as luck would have it my brother managed to do just that.

Having gone through a couple of packets of jumping jacks, he began digging in the bag for something new to light. What he brought out was one of those colorful flower thingies that change from red, to green, to orange. Any how, he pulled it out and pondered it for a minute.

“Watch this,” he chirped as he lit the fuse and threw it.

Anyone who knows anything about fireworks knows that the flowers are quite a bit bigger than the jumping jacks. As he flung it into the road it hit with quite a bit of force and bounced…straight into a rock. It bounced again becoming airborne whirling and whizzing through the air straight into the carport of the older couple that live across the street. Unbeknownst to us, the old guy that lived there had apparently come out to watch us with our fireworks. In fact, the only reason that we happened to notice him was because we noticed the green glow of the flower beaming off the top of his head as it hovered there briefly before bouncing off the side of his brick home. It landed under his car changing to orange still bopping along in frolicking dance. Shortly, thereafter, it came to rest under the car.

As we stood there watching, we tried to stifle our laughs of amusement at the scene that had just unfolded in front of us. While there was much concern and relief that our neighbor had not been injured by this rogue flower, we couldn’t help but be amused by the vision of green glowing off the top of his balding head.

I assume he heard our snickering, or perhaps he felt the need to go potty after his close call with the crazed firework, because he wasted no time getting up from his seat yelling something at us about damn kids and being more careful and went inside where he spent the rest of the evening. We continued to light the rest of our bag of goodies.

There isn’t a 4th of July that doesn’t pass that we don’t bring that story up. It never gets old, and to this day the vision of the glowing green on his head still brings a smile to my face.













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Happy Birthday to My Big Bro

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Today is my brother’s birthday.  It is hard to belive that he is turning 37 this year, but I guess none of us are spring chickens any more.  I keep trying to figure out where the last 20+ years have gone.  It seems like it was just yesterday that we were kids growing up. 

There were three of us with my sister being the oldest, my brother in the middle, and then me being the baby.  We were all really close when we were little, but when my sister hit puberty Big Brother and I were no longer cool.  My sister and I didn’t become close again until my teen years.  My brother and I, however, stayed best friends well into our early twenties.

While growing up, we were inseperable.  I was his little shadow.  Whatever he was doing, I had to do, too.  We spent most days outside playing.  Most of the time our activities entailed me making up for being born a girl instead of a boy by doing boy stuff. 

We spent the majority of our childhood living in Montana.  We lived in a very, very small farming community.  We had a small lot that we rented on a  farm.  Our backyard butted up to another farmer’s pasture.  In front we had a small sliver of yard, then the drive that went to the farmer’s house we rented from, and then another section of yard.  At either end of the yard was wooden fencing.  The first section of fence seperated our yard from the barnyard and ran from the fence surrounding the farmer’s pasture to the drive.  At the opposite end of the yard you had the same thing, only it seperated our yard from the farmer’s yard.  With all the open land around us we were never at a loss of things to do.  We were always outside doing something.  Most of our activities revolved around sports.

My brother always some how talked me into playing baseball which always ended with me running back in the house crying with a knot of some sort popping up on my head from where I had gotten hit with the baseball.  He always said it was an accident, but deep down I think he resented me being a girl and took it out on my melon.  I still to this day have a phobia baseballs.

If he couldn’t talk me into playing baseball, then generally he could talk me into playing football.  We never played tackle football, so the chances of me getting hurt were usually much less.  However,  the only scar I have from playing with him I got while playing football. 

Now typically, when my brother and I would play any type of sports, we always played in the back yard.  But on one particular day, I decided that we should play in the front yard.  In the wisdom of my seven year old brain, I thought the fencing at each end of the front yard worked much better for field goals.  My brother agreed so off we went to the front yard. 

I’m not sure how long we acutually got to play.  I’m sure that has been forgotten with time.  But what I do remember is having the ball and running to make a touchdown booking it with everything that my little legs had.  Then suddenly I was airborn crashing head first into my goalpost.  Apparently, instead of the usual tagging that we did, my brother decided to trip me.  Accident or not it hurt and I wailed.  I’m sure the townfolk seven miles away heard my screams that day.

Needless to say, by the time we got in the house I had a knot on my head the size of an ostrich egg, my brother got in trouble for once again trying to kill me with sports, and to this day I have a scar over my left eye from that tragic day.

My brother and I aren’t nearly as close as we once were.  I guess growing up does that to people.  But on his birthday, I tend to be a bit sentimental.  Happy Birthday Big Brother.  I hope you have a great day!! 

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Hello world!

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Do you ever have days that you wake up and your brain feels immediately weighed down with thoughts?  You can feel them just rolling around in your head trying to escape but not quite succeeding. 

Well, this happens to me quite often…and so begins my blog.  It is to be a portal for my thoughts to escape…a pensieve of sorts.  I’m not quite sure of what thoughts will escape, but I hope you enjoy the the escaping thoughts of my cluttered brain.

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