Olympic Fever Renewed

August 13, 2008 at 8:31 pm (Olympics, sports) ()

When I think about the Olympics, I mostly think back to my childhood. Watching the Olympics was always a big family tradition. During the Summer Olympics my family was always fond of watching the gymnastics competions. Track was very big in Montana so the track and field events were always very popular for us as well. With the Winter Olympics, of course being from the Rockies we loved skiing and the ice skating events.

As I grew older I have to admit that I have started to lose some of the enthusiasm that I had as a kid. I have remained a loyal fan of the gymnastics and ice skating, but really haven’t paid much attention to anything else. I can’t even remember watching any of the events with the Athens Olympics which has made me feel a little unpatriotic.

This year I have gained a renewed interest. I’m not sure if it is that fact that I am married to one of the most sports watching people I have ever met. This man will sit and watch anything sports related at any time if given the opportunity including women’s field hockey, water polo, etc. I can’t tell you the number of times I will walk in the living room and the TV will be on ESPN with or without him sitting in front of it. It is quite odd really.

I think the new appreciation with the Olympics first started with the last round of Winter Olympics. We both found ourselves engrossed in events neither of us had ever seen and/or paid attention to before. One such of these is curling. Never watched, never had any intentions of watching, and yet one day we found ourselves during the course of the two weeks glued to the TV completely mesmerized by this sport. I couldn’t believe how fascinated I was by a sport I had always assumed to be the equivalent of shuffleboard on ice.

Two years later I have found myself even more caught up in the goings on in China. I have found myself watching such events as beach volleyball, handball (a sport I didn’t know existed before these Olympics), and syncronised diving. I have had several evenings of holding my breath rooting for Michael Phelps in each of his swimming races hoping that he will achieve his goal of 8 gold medals in a single Olympics. I have road the waves of emotions as both the gymnastics teams battled the Chinese for the gold. I have watched in awe as Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh continue their victory streak with the 103rd consecutive win in beach vollyball.

I am not sure what brought about my Olympic fever this year, but I would like to give credit to the sports mania man I call hubby, Mr. Natural Deficiency himself.




  1. LeBlanc said,

    You’re welcome…shouldn’t you be watching sports right now?

  2. SueBoo said,

    To me it seems like the Olympics were a bigger deal when we were kids. It was on every channel. I too always loved gymnastics. I can remember having Mary Lou Retten clothes. I love watching Michael Phelps and get excited for him when he breaks another world record. I do think it is a bit ridiculous that the only channel I have seen broadcasting the Olympics is NBC and find myself cussing them when the show cycling during primetime and gymnastics at 11 pm.

  3. Cluttered Brain said,

    I agree with the cycling statement. You would think that since they are suppose to be showing the Olympics on multiple channels that they could show the cycling on one of the other channels instead of interrupting the swimming and gymnastics that they had scheduled. By trying to fit so much in during primetime they keep extending the programming making it impossible for people to watch what they want. Finishing up gymnastics at 12:30 am CDT is a little ridiculous I must say.

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