The Hits from Coast to Coast – August 18, 1979

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Last week I started a weekly feature in which I will travel back in time back in time and bring you the songs that were top ten hits this week on the American Top 40 from whatever random year choose to travel. To check out last weeks post go here.

This week we will travel to August 18, 1979
And away we go…

#10 Mama Can’t Buy You Love by Elton John
#9 You Can’t Change That by Raydio
#8 The Devil Went Down to Georgia by Charlie Daniels Band
#7 Ring My Bell by Anita Ward
#6 When You’re in Love With a Beutiful Woman by Dr. Hook
#5 After the Love Has Gone by Earth, Wind & Fire
#4 Bad Girls by Donna Summer
#3 The Main Event/Fight by Barbara Streisand
#2 My Sharona by The Knack
and the number one song in the US on August 18, 1979 was
#1 Good Times by Chic

I at least had been born by the time when this countdown aired, but there are still only three songs on this list that I recognise by title alone. It is interesting to me that so many hits that make it to the top of the charts get long forgotten over time, and songs that may not have necessarily been that big sometimes manage to stand the test of time.

So here are the things that jump out at me this week.

1. The group name Raydio automatically makes me think of the aliens from Sesame Street. You know the ones the come to earth and discover a radio and then spend like 5 minutes saying ra-di-o. yep yep yep yep yep yep. uh huh. So any way…moving on.
2. Someone actually chose to go by the stage name Dr. Hook. Do you suppose the name was chosen do to the eyepatch? Hmmmm… I don’t recognise this song and can only assume he/they was/were a one hit wonder of the 70s.
3. Ring My Bell by Anita Ward is annoyingly catchy. I will probably spend the rest of the day with this song in my head.

If you would like to check the full list of the top 40 songs for this week go here.

I will leave you again this week with a video of the # 1 song, Good Time by Chic.


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  1. g.peaceburton said,

    Dr. Hook was pretty big in the 70s. My dad was a huge fan and still has a bunch of their albums on vinyl. “When You’re In Love With a Beautiful Woman” was probably their biggest hit but also one of their worst songs, IMO. I probably wouldn’t even know who they were if it weren’t for Dad, though.

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