Another Gloomy, Poopie, Melancholy Monday

August 25, 2008 at 5:00 am (Monday, Music) (, , , , )

 The steady eh eh eh eh pierces the stillness of the early morning.  A low groan escapes the throat as the mind slowly registers the buzzing noise.  Eyes open followed by a groggy yawn then close again as every muscle fights any movement.  I laggardly wipe the sleep from my eyes and force myself to sit up.  The eh eh eh has become an unbearable annoyance, and I stagger across the room to the alarm clock and quickly smack the snooze button stifling the machine’s taunts. 

The fog begins to lift inside my brain and my eyes become thin slits peering at the darkened room around me.  It is then that I realize with dispiritedness and an overwelming gloom that it is yet another Monday.  The beginning of another week of monotonous bull poopie.  Monday is the gloomiest day of all the days in the week. 




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