Vacation Extravaganza – Day 2

August 30, 2008 at 5:19 pm (Shopping, Vacation) (, , )

My parents came to stay the weekend and got here Friday night while we were at the ball game. My mom, sister, and I decided to head to the mall in Cool Springs for some shopping and girl bonding time.

For those you who read Hubby’s blog you know that our digital camera got broken few months ago and we have been borrowing an extra one from G-Man and SueBoo’s. I have been wanting to get the Olympus Stylus 850 SW which is weather proof, shock proof, and water proof to fit a variety of needs in our household, but it was a little outside our budget at this time. So, I decided that I would get a Sony Cybershot instead. It isn’t water or shock proof, but I got insurance on it so if I drop this one atleast it is cover.

So we got the mall about a 11:00. I went straight to Sears and got my camera. Then we headed to the food court for some refreshments before hitting the other stores. Our first stop after the food court was Shi Shoes. This was by far the best shoe shopping experience I have ever had. Not only did our fun and friendly sales man bring out the shoes I wanted, but brought a few others for me to enjoy…which I did. I bought three paid of shoes for $38.

Not too shabby if I do say so.

We then headed to Dillards. My mom went in one direction, and my sister and I went in another. We spent 2 hours looking at clearance racks. My sister managed to find a gold mine of apparel. I, however, was not so lucky. After paying for her purchase, we started looking around the store for Mom. We finally found her in the petite section standing in line waiting to pay for her own purchases.

My sister spotted another sales rack full of bathing suits and dragged me back off to the fitting rooms so I could give my opinion. My sister is a size 4. I am … Well, I will just say I am not a size 4 and have not been a size 4 since sometime in my 20s. To make matters worse I have 0 kids, and my sister has 2. Something seems very unfair about that, and there is nothing to make you feel worse about being chubby than watching your older sister try on clothes that you couldn’t fit around one thigh on your best water retention free day. But I did the good sisterly deed and sat there looking at the bathing suits giving my honest opinion. Of the three she tried on, she picked two. Once again I waited for her to make her purchase and then her, my mom, and I headed back into the mall to check out some more stores.

Our next stop was Kirkland’s. I could spend hours in this store looking for pictures and home accessories. They were having some excellent sales, too. But I was very good and spent no money although the temptation was unbearable. We wandered around for several minutes looking at pictures, and throws, and vases before deciding to leave before we all gave into our lust for home goods.

Our next stop was B Moss. I use to work at this store years ago. I haven’t been in there very much since then but my mom was interest in checking our their sales so we ventured inside to look at the sale racks. Again, there was not much to be found for my mom and I, but my sister managed to rack up again. I did manage to find one shirt that I liked and actually fit me.

We then went to Christopher and Banks, which is a store my mom and sister absolutely love. My mom and I didn’t find much, but again my sister managed to spend 45 minutes to and hour in this stored looking at things to mix and match with her previous purchases.

My mom and I got tired of waiting on her, so we headed to JC Pennys. By the time we made it there it was pushing 6:00 and my feet were screaming. I haven’t spent that much time shopping since Christmas. I now remember why I don’t go shopping that much. I think my mom was shopped out at this point. She looked a little, but couldn’t find much that she liked that would fit. She spent the majority of the time wandering around nodding and shaking at thinks we held up. This was the one store I managed to load up on sales. But I made sure not to break the bank.

Of all the stores we hit Saturday, my sister and I were the most pleased with Pennys. My mom, however, found Dilliard’s to be the best.


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