Lions…and Tigers…and Bears, Oh My – Vacation Day 6

September 3, 2008 at 10:00 am (Vacation) (, , )

So today we awoke with thoughts of wild animals and safaris in our heads. What better way to give into our jungle desires than a trip to the zoo? So that is just what we did. Here are a few pics of our trip to Grassmere. We didn’t see any lions, but we did see a couple of tigers and a red panda along with a leopard, merecats, a few giraffes and elephants.


This Maccaw was more than happy to greet us as we started our tour through the zoo.



The Merecats were very laid back and kept posing in ways that they made sure we got to see their genitalia.

Mmmmmmm under water mushrooms.


Creepy snake.


Creepy spider.


Brian thought the poison dart frogs were really cool looking.


The leopard looked pretty harmless and a little disinterested in us.  But nothing prepared us for the next scarey creature.

That’s right.  Baby goats.  Have you ever seen anything so furocious.


This guy was my favorite.  He seemed very interested in me and kept up with my every move.  He kept eyeballing me like he wanted to play.  I don’t know that I want to play with a nose licking giraffe though. 

These were  the last stop in the zoo.  They are quite spectacular looking.  I would have fed them nectar and let them sit on me, but I was afraid I might get pooped.  I don’t like bird poopie.


After we finished looking at all the animals, we wandered to the back of the property and toured the Grassmere mansion.  This place looked a little creepy on the outside, but it was actually a really neat place.


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