Vacation Day 7 – The Hermitage

September 4, 2008 at 8:27 pm (Uncategorized, Vacation) (, , )

Hubby and I have always enjoyed visiting historical places. Today we decided to go here. I have never been to the Hermitage so I was very excited to get a glimpse of the home of our countries 7th president.

We wandered from the welcome center up the drive to the front of the Hermitage.  There were people dressed it period clothing that gave us a tour of the house.  Afterwards, we were free to wander the property and explore the others buildings.

Brian takes a break from the walk to pose under a magnolia tree.

Now I pose. 

The garden was really nice.  In a far corner of the garden, you will find the family graveyard along with the monument containing the graves of Andrew and Rachel Jackson.

I decided to test out the image feature on my camera.  I can choose to take pictures in several different color settings.  I decided on the sepia setting for the rest of the pictures.

The picture above is the spring house on the property.  If you follow the stream up it will bring you to a location where several slave quarters once stood. 

The barn that use to stand here burned or fell.  They moved this barn from another farm, but it is dated to the same time that Jackson would have lived at the Hermitage. 

They have a small field of cotton growing on the property.  All of the pods were still closed on the day we visited, but come fall they will begin bursting open and little balls of seedy cotton will be ready to pick.

The above is a grave of Alfred, one of the slaves that worked at the Hermitage.  Even after emancipation he chose to stay and work at the Hermitage.  When the Hermitage open in 1889, Alfred was among those who gave tours of the house and plantation.  He worked here until his death.  He is buried in the garden beside the Andrew and Rachel’s monument.

Here is a picture of the rear of the Hermitage.

The above is two room slave cabin located just off the backyard of the Hermitage.  Each room has a loft, and housed an entire slave family. 

Just a picture of a field an pasture.

After our tour of the Hermitage, we headed to White House to watch the freshman Hendersonville Comandos play the Blue Devils.  Hendersonville lost, and Little Harry didn’t get to play again unfortunately.


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