Recovering From a Long Blogger Night

September 21, 2008 at 8:16 pm (Blogging Shindig, Nashville) (, , , )

So, last night Hubby and I chanced the current gas situation and drove to Nashville to meet up with all our blogging friends at the Flying Saucer. We picked up Brian’s Uncle Grizz along the way and headed to a night of much beer drinking and comaraderie. It was nice to finally be able to put a face with so many of the people that we call friends but have never met.

“Exterminate! Exterminate!”

Hubby socializing.

Hubby feeling really good.


What’s that you say?  Punb Ass? 

Mmmmm… Nothing like mustard and cigarettes to hit the spot.

Quick photo op.

Evidently they weren’t happy with the original spot picked to put the light.  I guess they thought no one would notice the big hole in the ceiling.

At about 10:30-ish, those of us who were still hanging out decided to experience some of the real excitement of downtown, and so we headed to Robert’s Western World for some live music… and more beer.

Is Uncle Grizz falling?  No just taking a photo op as I take a quick pic of the bat building.

One of the many that have suffered from the stock market crash and the Nashville fuel crisis.

Hubby and Newscoma pose before we hit the road.

Hubby, Uncle Grizz, and myself finally decided to head home some time around midnight. I do not remember much after this as I had a splitting headache and passed out upon immediately entering the car. I don’t even remember dropping Uncle Grizz off at his house, but rumor has it that I did wake up long enough to tell him good night..perhaps I was speaking in my sleep more than anything else.

For Hubby and I, the excitement did not end at the leaving of Robert’s. Oh no… some moronic cop in Franklin pulled us over on the way home for improper placement of our tags (my tag is placed in the back window of my car). We informed the cop that the tag was placed there because I was tired of having it stolen (twice in the last 5 years). Luckily we escaped without any further ado. We got home around 2, I think, and immediately headed to bed. We have spent the majority of the day snoozing and recooping.

It was nice to finally get to meet so many fellow bloggers that we talk to daily.  I can’t wait until the next blogger shindig.  Thanks go out to GingerSnaps for planning such a wonderful evening.



  1. A simply marvelous time… « GingerSnaps said,

    […] people there I had never had the pleasure of meeting in person before like LeBlanc and the lovely School Girl, CJ Sorg, Paul Schatzkin, MissBethD…oh dear, if I keep naming names, I will leave somebody […]

  2. A Blogger Party « A Natural Deficiency Of Moral Fiber said,

    […] You can read a bit more of our night over at the wife’s place here. […]

  3. Lynnster said,

    Who was dude smiling so great big in the background of a couple of those pics? I don’t recognize him but it’s almost like he’s jumped into the pics like they were SUPPOSED to be of him… lmao

  4. LeBlanc said,

    Lynn, are you talking about CJ?

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