Don’t Fight the Feel Good Friday

October 3, 2008 at 12:10 am (Friday, Music) (, , )

It is Friday again !! YAY!!!!   Whoo hoo!  Unfortunately, unlike my significant other, I do have to go to work today before I can start enjoying the weekend.  But then I get two wonderful days of much needed relaxation.  As many of you know, Friday is not just your average everyday week day, but it is Feel Good Friday which means much pomp and circumstance is given to this day by myself and many of my fellow bloggers. 

This week I have picked the song Don’t Fight It by Kenny Loggins and Journey’s classic lineup singer Steve Perry.  This song always puts me in a feel good frame of mind.  Now I’m off to fight traffic and the next 8 hours of work so I can start my weekend.  Happy Friday everyone.


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Feeling Good On Friday and Saturday Night’s Alright (For Fighting)

September 26, 2008 at 12:10 am (Friday, Music) (, , , , )

 Ok.  So this week I picked Sir Elton John’s famous hit Saturday Night’s Alright (For Fighting) as my song choice for this Feel Good Friday.  (How uncanny that I picked a song about Saturday for my Friday post.) Any hoo…While looking for videos of this song I made and interesting discovery.  While most men tend to lose their hair as they get older, apparently Sir Elton has gained a few of his sylish locks over the years. 

Here is Elton in the 70s.


And here is Elton in the 90s

Remarkable isn’t it?


Hubby things it’s because he got money, but I think it’s cause he’s from the planet Ork.

As in Mork

and his son

Ork 1



These pictures only proove my point.

Who wears googles with wipers…and hazard lights?!

This ensemble reminds me of something one might see on Captain Kangaroo or other children shows.

And in this one he apparently likes to double as a US Marshall and an Irish pimp.

Ummm…?????????  Disney special?

Apparently he did ads for cereal commercials.  This is obviously for Fruit Loops.


I don’t want to say about this one except he looks like a cross between Liberace and the serial killer in Manhunter.


Regardless of his attire the man can write a song, and he is one of my favorite artists. 

I realise I have gone all around the world to get the point of my post this week, which is Feel Good Friday, and my song for the week which is Saturday Night’s Alright (For Fighting).  Happy Friday everyone.  Hope you have a safe and happy weekend.

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Feel Good Friday – Twist & Shout

September 19, 2008 at 12:10 am (Friday, Music) (, )

I haven’t been in much of a mood to to do anything the last few days.  For those of you who have not been living in caves, I’m sure you have seen the news.  There is a large insurance company that has been having problems.  They have been plastered all over the news since Monday morning.  Wall Street has hung in the balance of wondering what will become of this corporate empire turned to…well…I guess mush is a good word. 

That large insurance company owns the smaller but still somewhat large insurance company that I have had the misfortune of showing up to work at everyday this week.   When I left work on Friday things seemed ok.  I had a typical weekend, nothing major happened.  But Monday morning the entire world turned upside down, at least for my company and for the thousands of people who either have policies, annuities, and/or money markets through our company.  For the last four days, I have answered more questions about our parent company, our company, and the insurance industry as a whole than I ever thought possible.  I have repeated the same information so much that I know I must be saying it in my sleep.  It has been an absolute miserable week of trying to settle the panic of customers and listening to co-workers who will not be able to retire because of the devastations their 401k’s have suffered due to the company’s stock being worthless at this point.

If I didn’t hate my job before, I definitely do now.   I’m officially for hire if anyone needs me.

Needless to say I have a feeling my weekend is going to contain many adult beverages.  I think I may just lay in bed with the curtains drawn singing Egypt’s Land like Cameron in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

I need a Ferris day off in the worst way, and so this week I have picked the song Twist & Shout as performed in the movie.



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Feel Good Friday – I’m Gonna Be Somebody

September 12, 2008 at 12:05 am (Friday, Music) (, , )

This week I picked a feel good song from way back in my high school days. I wouldn’t call myself a huge country music fan, but I have always been a big fan of Travis Tritt.

To all of those dreamers who are muttling through this world trying to make a difference or hoping for that one big break, I dedicate this song to you.

Happy Friday everyone. Hope you have a fun and safe weekend.

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Feel Good Friday – I’m Not Doing a Thing

August 29, 2008 at 12:10 am (Friday, Music) (, , )

 It’s Friday again, and this one is extra special.  Not only is it the beginning of a holiday weekend, but I I only have to work half a day today.  Whoo Hoo!!!  🙂 AAAAAAnd…I will officially be on vacation starting at noon today.  Man does it feel good to say that.   In honor of the special week ahead, I picked the Veggie Tales classic silly song by Larry “The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything.”  This song amuses me and pretty much describes the attitude I will have for the next several days.     

I hope you all have safe and happy holiday weekend.  I, like the pirates, will not be doing a thing.




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