I’m Feeling a Bit Under the Tether

September 26, 2008 at 6:21 pm (Childhood) (, , )

I was sitting at my desk today when a sudden thought escaped my brain without any warning what so ever.  I’m not sure what brought it.  I normally never think about it.  In fact, it is probably most often the furthest thing from my thoughts.  But today for whatever reason it escaped the cobwebs of my mind and made its escape in the forefront of my tiny, ever so populated brain.  It was………..the memory of……………………………………THIS





Yep.  Tetherball. Can you believe that?  Who has random thoughts of playing tetherball?  It wasn’t like I just watched Napoleon Dinamite or something.  It wasn’t like “oh man, I have so got to go play me some tetherball right now.”  It was just a random memory of playing tetherball with my brother while we were growing up.  And it came completely out of no where. 

As I recall I was not all that great at the “sport” of tetherball.  Probably because I was only six and my brother was ten.  I don’t think I know any six year old that are that great at tetherball.   I don’t know any six years that play tetherball.  I don’t think I even know any six year olds at all.  But any how, I digress.  What I’m trying to say is that I was in fact a wimp at the age of six, at least in the area of sports.

So any how, on weekends and summer break my brother and I (and my sister before she started driving) use to ride our bikes into town from our house.  Our house was about seven miles from the small farming community in which we lived.  It took about hour.  When we got to town we would usually head the my mom’s place of employment, get a soda and snack, and then head to the school yard to play.  Most often we would end up at the tetherball/basketball court.

As I mentioned earlier, I was a wimp and sucked at the game which usually ended with me stomping off, pissed that my brother who almost always would hit the damn thing so hard that it would whirl around the post at rocket speeds with no hope what so ever in me hitting.  I would just stand there…lips pursed…brow furrowed while he would just laugh and laugh.  Occasionally, he would throw me a bone though and let me win a few. 

I haven’t seen a tetherball in so long.  I wonder do they even still make them?


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